Skin Care Chronicles

With the Alpha Mane complete grooming kit, you can shave with confidence.

When I created the Green Tea Facial Cleanser, it wasn’t just to provide a solution for clear skin but it was a pathway to a great shave.  The method for great skin is clear, always keep the skin clean and moisturized but for a great shave, it takes a bit more than that.  The goal is actually to obtain razor bump-free skin while keeping it clean and one false move can result in skin irritation and worse, more razor bumps.

I wasn’t going to leave it up to everyone to figure out the best way to shave and like always, I choose to figure it out before releasing my products to the market.

STEP 1:  Open the pores of the skin with a warm wet cloth or steam.

STEP 2:  Cleanse the skin with the Green Tea Facial Cleanser concentration on the nose, chin, forehead, and neck.

STEP 3:  Apply our Protective Shave Cream into the areas to be shaved as it reduces nicks, ingrown hairs, and razor burns.

STEP 4:  Shave in the same direction as the grain first and if a closer shave is desired, then shave against the grain and then apply the Aftershave Splash Plus or even our Organic Mint Toner.

STEP 5:  Once the aftershave is dry, apply our Razor Bump/Ingrown Hair Cream to the shaved area twice per day to treat and prevent razor bumps and ingrown hair caused by shaving.

These directions are included in our shave kit but can always be found by clicking here should you lose them or forget.

For your review, along with shaving instructions, our Alpha Mane® Complete Grooming Kit includes the following in 4 oz:

With our products you don’t just get the greatest skin you’ve ever seen but you also get the greatest shave you’ve ever had!

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