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Treat razor bumps and ingrown hair in one week. Here’s how!

With the Alpha Mane Razor Bump Treatment Kit


What’s in it?  It’s the most asked question when people see results from my razor bump treatment.

While I can’t breakdown the formula for you, I can share the entire all natural ingredient list that’s best for all skin types but first, let’s define what a razor bump is.

Most people think a razor bump is an irritation of the skin caused from shaving but there’s more to the definition that what we know.  A razor bump is an ingrown hair which after being shaved, instead of growing outward, it grows inward and causes the skin to raise due to inflammation of the hair follicle.  Now imagine what’s happening when taking a razor to those same bumps the following day.  Bleeding and scarring is guaranteed when we don’t take care of the razor bumps we have, we are sure to have them increase into a bloody mess rather than the smooth skin we all deserve.

Now that we have that established exactly what a razor bump is, let’s talk about how to treat the inflamed follicle.  It’s important to us to use quality all natural ingredients that not only soothe the skin but also helps prevent inflammation from returning.  With the uses of aloe vera, tea tree oil, geranium oil, vitamins A, C, and E and more, we not only soothe the skin but we restore its balance, smoothness, and tone.

Our Razor Bumps Treatment Kit does and is all of the above.  Packed with our Green Tea Facial Cleanser which provides the soothing and our Razor Bump Cream, which reduces inflammation, you’ll see a difference in the look and feel of your skin within 1 week.

Our daily treatment for razor bumps and ingrown hair is simple:

  1. Open your pores with a warm cloth
  2. Cleanse your skin with our Green Tea Facial Cleanser
  3. Apply our Razor Bump Cream
  4. Face your day with confidence that our Razor Bumps Treatment Kit is bringing you closer and closer to smooth skin.

Take a look at our quality ingredients in our Razor Bump Kit at today!


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