Follow the 3 steps below to treat razor bumps, and you’ll see positive results in less than a week. Results Guaranteed!

Open the Pores

Apply a warm face cloth to the affected area. Let sit for about 3-4 minutes or when the cloth becomes cool. Repeat the process, but this time, let sit for about a minute.

Cleanse the Skin

With your pores now open, gently apply the Alpha Mane Green Tea Facial Cleanser in circular motions in an upward direction. Massage into the skin and let sit about a minute. Rinse cleanser off your skin with warm water. And gently pat down on the wet area until dry.

Apply Razor Bump Cream

In a circular motion, gently apply the Alpha Mane Razor Bump Cream to the affected area on your skin. Treat your affected skin in the morning (after you shower) & at night, before bed. Follow this 3 step regimen, and you’ll see results within a week.

Get the Razor Bump Kit

The razor bump kit includes our best selling Razor Bump Cream and Green Tea Facial Cleanser. Click “BUY NOW” button below to begin your journey to a smooth & healthy skin.

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  1. Eugene says:

    Ive been using the bump kit for almost a week now. I definitely see results. Thanks

  2. RODNEY says:

    Just got mine in the mail. Ill definitely be following these steps. Thanks

  3. Edd Yelverton says:

    This kit cleared up my razor bumps. Money well spent

  4. Alex Mims says:

    i placed my order yesterday but it still shows processing. when will it ship.

    1. Alpha Mane says:

      Your order will be shipped today 🙂

  5. Ross says:

    I just ordered the kit. Hope this works

  6. Mark S. Nelson says:


  7. Tyrone Holmes says:

    I would like to try this product. Heard so much about you guys. Are your products sold in stores?

    1. Alpha Mane says:

      Great. All orders are shipped within 1-2 business days. Our products are currently sold exclusively online.

  8. Larry Stevens says:

    I just ordered mine. Cant wait to get started. My razor bumps are pretty bad.

    1. Alpha Mane says:

      Awesome 🙂 If you dont mind, please share your before and after pics.

  9. alex says:

    I just started using your razor bump cream. would it still work without using the cleanser?

    1. Alpha Mane says:

      Hi Alex,

      Yes, you’ll definitely get positive results by using just the bump cream. However, using the Green Tea Facial Cleanser in conjunction with the bump cream, guarantees a much faster treatment process.

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