Skin Care Chronicles

The Alpha Mane Story Continues

A few days ago, I shared with you all a brief story of how I got started with my infamous razor bump cream.  My skin was severely inflamed and bruised from ingrown hairs and products that just didn’t work for me until I decided to take matters into my own hands and created the Razor Bump & Ingrown Hair Cream with the best high quality all natural ingredients.  In 3 days, my cream not only removed the inflammation and ingrown hairs but I saw that my skin tone looked better than it had before I suffered from razor bumps.

I was so excited that I told everyone I knew about what I created and even shared the cream with men and women who were looking for the perfect solution for their case of razor bumps and ingrown hair.  The success rate was so high that I actually had no choice but to turn what was once a remedy just for me into a solution for thousands of people who were just like me.  My results from the cream, along with the testimonials from so many satisfied customers made me see how important the appearance of skin is to men and women of all backgrounds.  We try to overlook it but in our heart of hearts, we want clear beautiful skin.  The contentment I felt (and still feel) from your happiness along with the pride I take in being the creator of the razor bump cream, fueled my passion to treat the rest of my skin to the best skincare remedies I could find.

I started studying and coming up with formulas that worked and each time I hit a steady success rate, I knew I was on to something that would keep changing my life and the lives of others and therefore, stopping at just a razor bump cream wouldn’t be enough.

I went on to develop a Razor Bump Treatment & Moisturizing Oil that could be used in conjunction with the Razor Bump Cream and the Green Tea Facial Cleanser.  When I used these 3 products continuously in conjunction with each other, I not only maintained my great results but I began to see the best skin I’ve ever had in my entire life.  Again, I shared with my previous clients and so many others who were suffering from razor bumps, ingrown hairs, eczema, psoriasis, and damaged skin and their freedom to finally be comfortable in their skin kept me going.  Each time I created a successful product, I’d venture onto the next with the goal that each product would work together to give you the best skincare results you’ve ever seen.

I’ve come a long ways and I’m yet continuing in my skincare line but still, your best skin ever remains my goal.

It’s simple, you continue to share your results with me and I’ll continue to create innovative high quality all natural ingredients that will always make you smile (or even cry happy tears) when you look in the mirror.



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