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Say goodbye to acne once and for all

Acne is the skin’s worst enemy and the two have been engaged in a battle that has ensued way before the first pimple has appeared on our skin.  Pimples, blackheads, and bumps are all associated with acne but in order to fight it, you have to go below the surface to come up a winning champion.  Acne is a skin condition that occurs when hair follicles located in the bulb are filled with oil and dead skin cells.  It’s the skin’s way of saying that it needs air and rightfully so since it’s an organ, actually the largest organ of the human body.  The only way to really get rid of acne is to get rid of the oils and dead skin cells that are lodged in the bulb and no ordinary cleanser can do that.  Acne prone skin needs high quality products that dissolve the oils and dead skin cells that are blocking the follicle while refraining from stripping the skin of other good oils that are helping the skin.

What a task right?  How exactly can we get rid of the bad while holding onto the good so that the skin not only receives treatment but it also maintains it’s normal environment?

The answer is easier than you think.  You simply need a good regimen with high quality power packed ingredients that gently was away what’s clogging the skin.

STEP 1:  Be sure to open the pores prior to going forward with your regimen!  Turn on your shower, use a facial steamer, or even a cloth wet with warm water to open up those pores.  Once the pores are open, the oil and excess skin will easily wash away but not without a good cleanser.

STEP 2:  Apply the Green Tea Facial Cleanser and gently cleanse in an upward circular motion and rinse or wipe off with warm water.

STEP 3:  With the use of a cotton ball, apply the Alpha Mane® Facial Mint Toner and gently apply over the face in upward motions.

STEP 4:  After the toner is dry, finish your regimen with our Acne Treatment Oil by placing 4 drops between your fingertips and massaging over your face.


Repeat these steps 1-2 times per day, preferably once in the morning and once at night to win the war on acne and to get the greatest skin results you’ve ever seen.

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