Skin Care Chronicles

One serum to rule them all!

The last thing you want to do is draw negative attention to blemished skin.  It’s easy to notice that people who converse with you aren’t looking in your eyes when speaking but rather they’re looking at your skin and a story develops in their mind.  They start to think what happened to your skin, how’d you let your skin become so damaged, are you doing anything to treat your skin, and that they’d love to see your face under the blemishes.  It’s not the polite thing to do but it happens more often than not that people make up their own mind about the kind of person you are based on how you take care of your skin.  What’s worse is that the entire time they’re speaking to you, you can clearly see that your skin distracts them.

  • It’s uncomfortable.
  • It kills confidence.
  • It ruins opportunities.
  • It ruins the moment.

What they don’t know is that you’ve tried everything and either nothing has worked or it has worsened your skins condition.  At this point, you feel you need a miracle to get great skin and by now, you should know that we have one for you.

Allow us to introduce our I Am-Miracle Serum by clarifying what a serum is.  A serum is different than a cream or moisturizer in that it’s lighter and highly concentrated which accelerates the time it takes to see and feel clear skin.  When used in conjunction with our Green Tea Cleanser and our other products, our I Am-Miracle Serum not only works within it’s own category but it joins with other products in our skincare line to enhance results.

Here are just a few ingredients we use in our I Am-Miracle Serum:

  • Organic Aloe- It’s not just useful for sunburn but helps to heal wounds faster, is an antibacterial agent, and contains vitamins and mineral to stop eczema and psoriasis in their tracks.
  • Hemp Seed Oil- Prevents moisture loss and helps prevent mature aging.
  • Rooibos Extract- Treats and prevents acne.
  • Organic White Tea Leaf Extract- Helps protect the skin from sun damage
  • Vitamin B3- Reduces redness, scaling, and flaking.

From these few ingredients alone, you can tell that we’ve put much into our serum for your skin.

With just a pea size of daily use, you’re not only going to see skin blemishes, skin discoloration, and rashes clear up but you’ll also see a reduction in wrinkles and younger looking skin.

We’re excited to share our innovative I Am-Miracle Serum.  We not only want you to have the best skin you’ve ever had but we want you to have it quickly so you can get back to loving the skin your in.

Log onto and order yours today!

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